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Direct Mailing you may say is nothing new… we agree and it may seem strange for an online marketing company like MailAgent to be promoting snail mail!  However...

Let the slow guy have a chance:

We are all aware that different mediums work in different ways according and dependant upon the target audience and the message that you are trying to convey… so we are not closing the door on the slow guy just yet!

Indeed what we are doing is bring him into today’s world where we all have too much to do, to little time and a lot of data floating around. In a world where data protection and the security of data is of paramount importance, we are attempting to help our customers to cut out one element of the process – Data itself.

Getting rid of data!

The MailAgent DM campaign system, enables customers with postal data to centralise their marketing activity into one system. From within MailAgent you can simply load your DM piece (PDF), select the list that you want to send to and then once happy with the content, schedule it to be sent in the same way that you would an email.

In true MailAgent fashion we will then track as much as is humanly possible so that you know Who was sent What, When. If you are benefiting from one of MailAgent CRM integrations then this could mean that you never touch a spreadsheet again!

In addition to this, we are now in a position where if someone does not respond to one medium, then you can arrange a complete marketing flow so that you ultimately are able to get your message across.

The system enables you to test the DM piece electronically (sending you a PDF version via email), as well as via the printed version, so you can ensure that everything is perfect prior to committing to send to your targetted lists.

The system supports both first and second class postal and can enable you to send A4, A5, A6 in black and white, colour, and in Duplex.

Great prices

Thanks to the large volumes that are going through the systems we are able to offer our clients great value with letters being printed, folded, enveloped, stamped, sent and delivered for less than 35p

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.


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