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MailAgent - ServicesThroughout any developments within MailAgent, the emphasis is always on improving the processes for creating, testing and sending of communications and to provide users with a logical and easy Self Service interface. If MailAgent can make it easier for clients to use their system, MailAgent will.

Even though MailAgent has maintained the simple step-by-step process for the setting up, sending and reporting of campaigns, MailAgent has refined the stages and speeded up the processes for managing content and huge mailing lists to create a faster and more efficient engine improving on delivery and reporting of campaigns.

Of particular note are:

Improved Templates

Templates have improved and clients can choose to have changeable pictures and colours, as well as links and text, this makes it even easier for customers to update and customise each mailer they send out.  You can also opt to add additional blocks of content without the need to worry about extra styling, HTML errors or rendering problems.  The templates are incredibly flexible and are aimed at making emails fast and tech free for the user.  Focus is then as it should be, on the content and not the code!

Automatic Link Checking

When you load up an html file, text file or template all the links are automatically checked in your test email.  MailAgent in addition offers you the option to automatically check all the links within the mail and produce a report on whether they are correct or not.   Unlike some other systems, you do not have to edit or tag links manually.  All links are automatically tracked regardless.


You have your data loaded, but you only want to send to a subset of your list. Rather than exporting the data and importing the required subset, as long as you have the criteria already specified within the data, it is possible to define different audiences to send emails to.  The required Audience just needs to be selected before sending and a huge amount of data processing is avoided. Not only that, but different audiences can be set-up and saved so you can change your audience per mailer.

MailAgent is constantly evolving, offering improved services to make clients campaigns even more successful.  Contact today to find out how we can help you.


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