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Whatever a customer wants, whether they just want an efficient way of getting their message out to the masses, or small select, highly targeted messages to specialist lists, our clients needs are individual. They do not get the same service, messages or suggestions from us as they have different requirements. It is as important to us that their campaigns are successful, otherwise it devalues the service we provide.

Whatever the requirement, MailAgent handles the delivery and reporting, ensuring that the people sending the mails can immediately access their results.

MailAgent has been selected as the tool of choice for a variety of reasons.  Not least for their ability to create, send, monitor and report on campaigns but also specifically for the flexibility throughout the whole system.

As well as the emailing service which can be managed, self-service or in-house, the support services provided ensure that our clients get the most out of their campaigns.  From creative design, copy, interpreting the results, the team at MailAgent are there to help.

From our wide base of experience we help put together the most effective campaigns. Not being limited to a particular industry sector, we can see what works well for the purpose. We won't get fixated on what have been historical or known formats, we give a new perspective on message delivery which crosses previous barriers by focussing on what works with electronic communication.

Whichever category you fall into, MailAgent will treat you like an individual with unique needs.

We do not compromise on service or delivery, yet we understand the need for speed and achieving results.

Talk to us, you'll find us great to work with


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